Cannon Beach Family Photoshoot. Haystack Rock

cannon beach family photoshoot

Sydney from Piece of Harmony Events and her best friend Nellie were planning their yearly trip to Cannon Beach that they wanted to be documented.

Meanwhile my family and I were planning our Oregon trip. And as the stars aligned, Sydney saw in my Instagram stories our travel plans and booked their families’ sessions with me!

I’ve been wanting to do a session on the coast for quite some time then and could not be happier that it all worked out so well!

It wasn’t just a photoshoot. It was an adventure! The kids chased the frothy waves, while parents walked around holding hands.

Haystack Rock stood guard over our sessions. Its silhouette was so majestic in the soft light of sunset.

The setting sun painted everything golden. The very air seemed infused with warmth, making all the smiles that much brighter.

As a spokane wedding photographer, I chased the light, framing their moments and preserving their stories.

Cannon Beach proved to be more than a location. It was a canvas where the elements collaborated with us. The wind, the ocean, the sky and that iconic rock. Each picture we took seemed to whisper a narrative of unity and joy.

Capturing their story against the orchestra of nature of Cannon Beach, was nothing short of magical. These are the shoots I live for as a photographer – not merely to photograph a family, but to document their essence amidst the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

The day ended, but the photos remain – a testament to a day well spent, a family’s love and the incredible setting that is Cannon Beach.

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