What Home Means For Me

When I moved to the United States almost six years ago, I wondered if it would ever feel like home for me here. My parents, relatives, and friends were left in Russia, which was sad and scary for a long time. Having my own family here, my supportive and loving husband and our kids over time left all the worries behind. Building your circle of people and creating comfort in your own home is vital for your sanity. Especially these days, when we spend so much time at home, I make sure to create a cozy, peaceful environment for my loved ones and to make our home a happy place. 


The home we are in right now is rented, but I truly love it because it is bright and beautiful. And the view, of course, is breathtaking too! We try to keep all the decorations minimal yet cozy and comfortable until we find our own place. 


The living room is our family’s favorite area, for sure! Big windows opening up to a river, cozy lights and a fireplace make this space so inviting to spend evenings watching TV all together or playing board games. 


Having my family healthy and safe, loving them with all my heart, keeping them entertained, treating them with yummy food, and keeping the space around them cozy and clean. That’s what HOME means to me. 


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