Name Bubbles

To all the mamas out there. How many times a week your kid loses/forgets stuff at school/daycare/playground/playdate…? Mine does it A Lot. So i was on the market of searching some good and durable name tags for a while and Bingo! I found them and decided to share with you. The brand name is NameBubbles and here some information about the tables i personally chose:

Laundry safe labels that eliminate the use of messy markers and keep clothes and shoes organized and coming home.

Call them laundry safe name tag sticker labels, laundry safe name tags for clothes, or even clothing name tags, Name Bubbles Clothing Labels are simply the best for labeling clothing. Our personalized name tags for clothing can withstand moisture, detergent, fabric softeners, and the high heat setting on a dryer. The perfect solution for labeling all your children's clothes, these clothing tags and fabric labels will stay strong.

Name Bubbles offers the best personalized Clothing Labels for your children's clothing wardrobe with their press-and-stick laundry safe name tags for kids clothing. Our laundry safe fabric labels for clothing are colorful, durable, and stand out from other stick-on clothing name tags for kids. With many different styles to choose from, Name Bubbles personalized clothing name tags allow a great deal of personal flair in design. Our laundry labels for kids clothing are durable for all conditions - waterproof, fade-resistant, and laundry safe.”

SO no more losing stuff…i hope.