Gaiwan Tea House

A new amazing place is now open in Coeur d'Alene called Gaiwan Tea place. Almost a hundred organic loose leaf teas with amazing flavors, my favorites Matcha and Chai teas and delicious local pastries and chocolates. Tea lovers' heaven! 
The owners are Snowy and her husband Matt are absolutely wonderful! 

Matt and Snowy say: "After several years of travels and living in different cultures, we learned that what matters the most to us is relationships and enjoying time with the people we love. Tea became a wonderful, tasty, and healthy vehicle to facilitate this time and we strive to create an environment which does just that.

We have started this business out of a need in our beautiful part of the country where tea lovers like us have very limited access to fine organic and natural loose leaf teas. Our goal is to research, discover and present you with high quality, single origin and organic tea leaves whenever possible. 

In today's crazy, hectic world dominated by to-do lists, deadlines, constant noise and sometimes chaos, let us commit some time to relax our minds and bodies daily. 

Here at the Gaiwan Tea House we have created a unique, tranquil environment to facilitate time of daily decompression. Tea is a unique experience in many of the world's different cultures and it is also very personal. Our knowledgeable and attentive staff will help you find the tea that will serve to accomplish this purpose."