Cinemood. Our new favorite toy.

Having family movie nights is one of our favorite things to do! Since having our baby boy we haven't been to the movies but now we don't really have to go as we have an awesome little device Cinemood. It is a little projector with a great picture quality that can be used almost on any surface. It already has more than 150 hours of interesting stuff like Lullabies, Bedtime stories, Cartoons, Books, Hand Shadow puppet theaters and much more. It so small and cute that it is easy to take it with us on trips too!

If you are in wifi zone then you can stream billion videos and music you love from YouTube or YouTube Kids. Upload your own content and share remarkable moments on a HUGE screen! And it is so much safer for your kids eyes! 

They also have several Smart Covers to choose from. Cinemood uses an innovative NFC technology that recognizes which Smart Cover you’re using to automatically download additional content via Wi-Fi.

SO we just love our new little friend!