Back to school with Walmart


#sponsored It is that time of the year!

We are starting to get ready for school.

Liza is going to 4th grade this September (still can't believe that) and after some time debating i decided to keep Liam at home with me for another year as he is turning 3 only in the end of September. So we'll continue learning Russian and doing different activities with him but outside of school until next year.

Getting school supplies is always a great fun and i picked some for both kiddos this year. We got new backpacks, cute outfits (only for after school activities because we have strict uniform rules in our school), some stationary and learning toys and books.

One stop shop that we chose this year was Walmart! It always surprises with great selection of school supplies and prices.

Kids had a blast looking through their new things and packing their new backpacks.

I was even able to find some matching clothes for them! Something more girlie for Liza like this sporty blouse and paper bag pants of the color that i love. I something more boyish fro Liam. Pants and a polo t-shirt.

​We had a great experience and looking forward to the beginning of the school year :)


#walmart #GoBackBig

Here are some links for the products that we got :)

1. Liza’s pants

2. Liam’s pants

3. Liam’s backpack 

4. Liza’s backpack

5. Liza’s shoes

6. Liam’s shoes