Baby Shower for our precious little one due in September 2016

When you are blessed with super talented and creative friends who get together to make your day unforgettable...

So was my baby shower! Currently i am 35 weeks pregnant with our precious baby boy. Our daughter is literally is counting days until his arrival and we are busy organizing the nursery. Such an exciting and life changing time! 

But now about the baby shower.

My friend Alisa kindly provided her beautiful backyard, furniture and snacks. Dana, an amazing stylist and event planner made it all look fantastically beautiful. She even went to a "Russian store" to get some Russian treats and made a Desert! Shawn, my most favorite florist knows my taste so well too! so we had loveliest ranunculuses and daisies on the tables.

Can not be thankful enough for everyone who organized it and for everyone who came to the celebration!

Now, some pictures that i hope you'll enjoy.

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